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Welcome to epicware

Inside this site you will find all sorts of stuff for MacOS X, including screen savers, graphics software, instant messaging tools and more. Check out the "Fun and Games" and the "Serious Software" pages for this cool stuff (at least I hope you'll think it's cool).

Look into the "About epicware" page for contact information and other similar notes.



Latest epicware News
Mar 28th, 2004 Added Roku HD1000 Software page
Dec 28th, 2002 WebGrabber 0.7 released (minor update)
Dec 3rd 2002 Moved Fire web pages to sourceforge
Sept. 3rd, 2002 NSMine 1.1 (OS X 10.2 compatible) released
April 26th,2001 released
April 25th, 2001 and 0.25.c released
April 18th, 2001 1.0 released.



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