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What is WebGrabber?

WebGrabber is a utility that you can use to mirror, copy, synchronize, download, scrub or "steal" a web site.

WebGrabber is a simple wrapper around the gpl'd project pavuk (see http://www.idata.sk/~ondrej/pavuk/), a web grabber/spider (mailto:ondrej@idata.sk).

This UI is very "unfinished" and not all pavuk command line options are supported, but I wrapped the most useful and most common options first - if people want more - I can do more. ]

What can you use WebGrabber for?

  • You can use it to download entire web sites and even spider off of there.
  • You can download an entire directory of images without being able to "see it" (i.e. no ftp access).
  • You can use it for ftp downloads, it'll even split downloads across sessions and resume downloads.
  • All sorts of neat stuff.


Mac OS X

You can Download the WebGrabber for OS X application and source here -> WebGrabber.0.7.tar.gz


  • Integrate with OmniWeb a little better than just plain old services support
  • Add more options
  • Add proxy support (included in pavuk, just not wrapped)
  • Add a simple line for entering of "other" pavuk options (expert user stuff)


Changed download directory to be ~/Desktop instead of /tmp


I release WebGrabber under the GPL, as is pavuk. I have slightly altered the pavuk source (added on fflush(stdout) in the tools.c method xprintf) to make it work better under X Server.

Copyright + Contact

(c) 1999, 2000 epicware, Inc., webgrabber@epicware.com


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